Honey Varieties

We try to harvest two times a season, depending on the weather. Our honey in jars is labeled with the season that particular variety was harvested.

Summer Harvest: Usually harvested in Late July/early August, it contains nectar from the white clover that dots the hayfields and pastures early in the summer. Clover honey has a mild taste and light color. Some years it may contain nectar from blooming trees such as locust and basswood. The locust flowers yield nectar only occasionally, but produce a lovely fruity flavor. The basswood yields a little more often and gives the honey a minty aftertaste and slightly greenish color. The tree honeys crystallize very slowly, so our Summer Harvest will often remain liquid for months before slowly forming crystals.

Fall Wildflower: Usually harvested in September, this honey is a bit darker, with a more pronounced flavor. It contains nectar from the wildflowers blooming in the second half of summer, such as Starthistle, Milkweed, Thyme, Fireweed, Loosestrife, and knotweed.   Some years the fall crop contains nectar from Joe-Pye weed, Goldenrod and the Asters. This honey crystallizes very rapidly, often in just a few days and has a strong, dark, almost butterscotchy taste.

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